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  • Before you go any further with deciding who to hire, visit our guide to choosing a contractor. If you still have questions, contact us.
  • BCDI recycles all drywall scrap that can be recycled. We use Roy's Recycling who grinds the scrap up and provides it to local farmers to use as a soil conditioner. Instead of the scrap from your project going into the landfill, it goes into your food -- sorta'. :)
  • BCDI will be devoting an entire section of the website to DIY and and you weekend warriors. Until we get this fully up and running, check out our how-to videos.
  • The primer that we recommend using for priming your new drywall surface is Sheetrock First Coat. It's currently available at Menards for around $10/gallon. Please note that for most of the projects and repairs the BCDI performs, it will not be required to remove any dust or wipe the repaired/finished surfaces prior to priming.  Once we turn the project over to you, it is ready to start applying primer immediately.  If your project is an exception, we will let you know and explicitly direct you to perform any other preparations prior to applying primer.
  • An alternate primer that we recommend is Blank-It from Porter Paints. It's a bit more expensive than the First Coat, but is a tremendous product.
  • A complete, industry-standard resource for nearly everything you want to know about drywall products and installation is available from USG (United States Gypsum).
  • The EPA is now enforcing legislation that was initially enacted in April, 2010 which outlines practices and procedures that any hired contractor must follow when working on a home that was built before 1978. This is to protect you, your family, and the contractor and his family from potential lead dust exposure. Read more about the EPA's Renovate, Repair, Painting program. BCDI is a certified firm with certified renovators.
  • In the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, among other building pressures, some US drywall suppliers experienced a shortage of available drywall from the US, Canada, and Mexico and began importing drywall from China. This turned out to be a disasterous decision. BCDI, Brandon Cook Drywall, or Brandon Cook has NEVER purchased any drywall imported from China. In addition, all of our suppliers have assured us that they have NEVER purchased any drywall imported from China. Find out more about the imported drywall issue.

SHEETROCK® Brand First Coat Primer

Sheetrock First Coat Primer

Minimizes surface texture variations and equalizes the porosity between the joint and the field of the board on wall and ceiling surfaces prior to finishing.  Note:  for most BCDI projects & repairs, you will not need to wipe down or dust off any surfaces prior to applying primer.  Once our work is done, you're ready to prime and paint.  If there is ever an exception to this, we will let you know.

SHEETROCK Brand First Coat is designed for priming new, interior gypsum panel walls and ceilings before painting or texturing, equalizing both porosity and surface texture differences. It provides a base that equalizes the absorption rate variations between the drywall face paper and the finished joint compound when painted, delivering a uniform finish coat. It applies easily with brush, roller, and airless or conventional spray, covering approximately 300 to 500 sq. ft. per gallon. It can be intermixed with wall and ceiling spray textures to enhance hardness, bond and whiteness.

--Courtesy USG